Mittelburgenland DAC - spicy, fruity Blaufränkisch

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The heart of Burgenland, otherwise known as Blaufränkischland, is geologically identical to the so called „Oberpullendorfer Becken“, a basin with marl, clay, sand and pebble soil with an ancient coral reef.

The soils predominant in Mittelburgenland can absorb and retain water and this factor, along with the climate regulating effect of Lake Neusiedl, make the area ideal for growing Blaufränkisch. The climate in Mittelburgenland is Pannonian.

Mittelburgenland is surrounded by three ridges in the north, south and west and the Pannonian lowlands, which all serve to protect the vineyards and consequently provide ideal climatic conditions for the vines. The climate is perfect for Blaufränkisch. At least 300 sunshine days and only 600mm rainfall per year guarantee outstanding grape and wine quality.

The traditional and regionally typical Blaufränkisch sold under the name Mittelburgenland DAC is dark ruby red in colour. It has a complex bouquet offering aromas of blackberry, dark cherry and blueberry combined with spicy notes of herbs and mint. Any smoky notes caused by maturation in oak barrels are perfectly integrated due to the firmness and the variety of aromas typical for Blaufränkisch. The rather pronounced fruit is rounded off by the balanced acidity on the palate. Blaufränkisch wines have a distinctive tannin structure, a great mouth feel and a structured edgy finish.

This varietal has a considerable ageing potential. Classic wines are best drunk within five years. The ripe fruit aromas typical for Blaufränkisch Reserve wines are often accompanied by soft roasted aromas. The ageing potential of the Reserve wines lies between seven and fifteen years.

The Mittelburgenland DAC classic wine is a Blaufränkisch with a pronounced fruity, spicy flavour which has matured in traditional large wooden barrels and/or steel tanks and therefore does not possess barrique aromas. The wine may be placed on the market no earlier than 1st August of the year following the harvest.

If a Mittelburgenland DAC wine bears the name of a vineyard site or a brand, it may display some wood aromas, although such wines may only be matured in used barrique barrels. They may be placed on the market no earlier than in October of the year following the harvest.

Mittelburgenland DAC Reserve is the designation for full-bodied Blaufränkisch wines with minimum alcohol content of 13%. These wines may also be matured in new small oak barrels. They may be sold to consumers no earlier than 1st March of the second year following the harvest.

Verband Blaufränkischland - Mittelburgenland DAC

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