Wein Burgenland

General Information

 “Wein Burgenland” is the generic wine marketing organisation of Burgenland. The board of directors is comprised of representatives from the Regional Wine Committee of Burgenland, the Chamber of Agriculture, the Chamber of Commerce and representatives of agricultural policy.

Wein Burgenland supports and coordinates the strategic efforts of the Burgenland wine trade and industry. The goal on the domestic market is to secure presence in all segments for quality wine. The main efforts on the international markets are concentrated on Germany, Switzerland, USA and Slovakia. Wein Burgenland reaches all other relevant markets through its support of the Austrian Wine Marketing Board. Essential is a united presence and coordination between Wein Burgenland and the Austrian Wine Marketing Board.

The strategy aims at a balanced marketing mix, which is adapted to each respective market. Image campaigns in the form of promotions and active public relations with supportive media advertising. In observing the marketing mix, it should be noted that the main focus is certainly concentrated on communication policy.

The activities of the Wein Burgenland association include:

1. Implementation of operational measures to increase the added value of Burgenland wine – for example, diverse advertising media, participation in fairs and exhibitions, and execution of special events.
2. Building cooperation and synergies in the interest of Burgenland wine.
3. Market research and implementation of marketing activities in cooperation with the Austrian Wine Marketing Board. These marketing activities must remain in line with the overall image of Austrian wines.

Objectives of the association are to raise the awareness of Burgenland wines both domestically and abroad, and to promote the sale, the consolidation of all activities concerning Burgenland wine, and the development of new potential and products.



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