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2016 vintage: great wines and small yields

Good things come in small packages! Winemaking is a never-ending learning process that never fails to keep the suspense alive. Take, for example, last year’s unusually fickle weather that swept across the vineyards from Lake Neusiedl all the way to Southern Burgenland. The 2016 vintage was a source of much trepidation for Burgenland’s winemakers, who had to put in a great deal of work and were ultimately rewarded with only small yields. Still, the harvest season in late summer went quite smoothly thanks to perfectly ripe and healthy grapes, resulting in fruity red wines full of complexity and structure.



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Statements on the 2016 Vintage

What winemakers say about the 2016 vintage …

Reinhold Krutzler (Krutzler Winery), Deutsch Schützen

This year gives us top-notch white and red wines of excellent quality, albeit in rather small quantities here in the Eisenberg region.



From left to right: Christian Zechmeister - managing director of Wein Burgenland, Andreas Liegenfeld - president of the Regional Viticulture Association of Burgenland, Verena Dunst - minister of agriculture of Burgenland, Matthias Siess - chairman of Wein Burgenland

Economic effects of the Austrian wine industry

... the wine industry secures one in 17 jobs in Burgenland

... EUR 234 million of gross value added in Burgenland in 2014 despite very small harvest

... Fiscal authorities, trade, hotels and restaurants & tourism benefit most from the wine industry

... Positive development thanks to focus on quality and meticulous work








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